Pick one of these great bicycle routes:

DAM J.A.M. If you want a great taste of bicycle touring but don't think you're ready for the longer rides, this is the one. It travels about 32 miles over scenic rural roads around Pryor with a trip down Waterline Road where you'll get a nice view of Lake Hudson. A great way to spend the morning.

DAM J.A.M. This is an excellent and challenging tour around Lake Hudson, Chimney Rock Lake, and the rural areas near Salina and Pryor. It goes about 60 miles on smooth roads with plenty of rolling hills and enjoys at least four of our famous rest stops.

DAM J.A.M. Pick this one if you don't want a century but you have the legs for 4-6 hours of excellent bicycle riding. It covers about 76 miles of smooth, challenging hills around Lakes Hudson, Spavinaw, and Chimney Rock. You'll love Waterline Road, Indian Springs Road and the old Strang Bridge. A DAM near perfect tour.

The Whole DAM J.A.M. For a full day of great fall cycling, you gotta do this 110-mile century. If you like hills and smooth winding roads, this is as good as it gets. Covers all the features and lakes of the other routes, plus the mile-long historic Pensacola Dam and parts of Delaware County where you'll have views of beautiful Grand Lake O' the Cherokees and Lake Eucha before you head back on the smooth and rolling Kenwood Road. Just in reach of the first-time century rider who has been diligent in training. Will challenge the most experienced.

Random DAM J.A.M. Pics Random DAM J.A.M. Pics Random DAM J.A.M. Pics Random DAM J.A.M. Pics

Thanks to David Kincannon for many of these great photos.

till DAM J.A.M. 26!
September 9, 2017

Stay awhile.
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